The History of Newman Village,
A New Master-Planned Community in Frisco

Dating back to the mid 1800s, Newman Village boasts a deep a connection to Frisco’s pioneering past and now serves as a vibrant part of the present.

Discover the storied history of Newman Village:


John Lenox Newman and his family migrated from Tennessee and purchased a large piece of land in what is now Texas.


The Pacific Railroad Company begins laying track for a transcontinental railway which would eventually connect many areas of the country.


A portion of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad was completed from Denison to Carrollton through the center of what is now Frisco. Surrounding land was subdivided into lots and sold off to potential settlers. The auction was advertised up and down the rail lines and was attractive to residents and merchants from surrounding communities with no rail access.


Named for the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad, Frisco became a thriving town serving as a trade center for surrounding farm communities. The city was incorporated and the residents elected their first municipal government. Frisco’s first census showed a population of 332 established pioneers.


Darling Homes and the Newman family embark on a development, now known as Newman Village; a premier gated community in Frisco.


As one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, Frisco has attracted global corporations and world-class tourist attractions along the $5 billion mile including professional sporting venues, entertainment, and retail developments.

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